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Do you wish to sell, purchase, or rent?
We at Sovimo pride ourselves on our ability to assist with all the aforementioned.
We are a well-established team that welcome you to visit our offices in Confolens.

Are you looking to purchase your dream property? A project?
Do you require land? Would you like live in a town or village? Do you prefer rural surroundings?
Are you looking for a Chateau?
Do you own any of the above & want to rent your property? If so, look no further than our competent team at Sovimo where we will be happy to assist & hold your hand through the process.
Worried that your French may not be fluent?
Do not worry, we have English speaking members within our team.

Concerned about bureaucracy & not having the knowledge of what forms to fill in or where to go?
This is something we are more than happy to help both our vendors and purchasers with. We offer a free service that not only happens during the sale but also after. Our objective is to assist all our clients towards the best possible outcome. Our client’s satisfaction & happiness is of the upmost importance to us.

Some FAQs
What radius does Sovimo cover?
We operate on a radius approx. 25-30kms surrounding Confolens.

How do you estimate the value of property?
We arrange an appointment to meet our prospective clients to discuss their requirements & visit the property. With years of experience we are confident our valuations are realistic & appropriate to the current market.

Where do you advertise?
We advertise both nationally & internationally ( In more than 17 European countries ).

Do you work with non French clients?
Yes! In fact 8 out of 10 of our clients are from other countries.

Do you offer a translation service?
Not only do we offer a translation service but it is a free service for all our clients.

I am worried, I have never dealt with a sale or purchase in France before, can you help me?
Absolutely! Your satisfaction is particularly important to us. We understand how daunting the whole process can be & are always happy to support you.

I need advice on opening a bank account, connecting my electricity, wifi etc, where do I go?
Again, we are happy to assist with all of this should you require us to do so.

How long do you offer this service for?
There is no time limit, we continue to help clients while adjusting to their new life in France.
N° de SIRET : 411 678 220 000 38 - N° de RC : 411 678 220 - Code APE : 6831Z
SARL au capital de 8 537 €
CPI 1601 2016 000 004 744 - Garantie financière 120 000 €
Since January 1, 1998, SOVIMO IMMOBILIER is a family business oriented towards the international (French, English, Spanish) based in Confolens, in the heart of the Charente Limousine.
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3 place de la liberté - 16500 CONFOLENS - France
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